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LiveWebDJ.com is packed with features for the Internet radio broadcaster. All administration of your station is easily done using your web browser. We give you full control of your station 24/7 and any changes made to your playlists are done without interruption to your stream.
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Here's An Overview Of LiveWebDJ's Features:

LiveWebDJ is cloud based Internet radio automation at it's best.
  • Intuitive, smooth, drag and drop user interface
    Optional accessible interface for the visually impaired
  • Broadcasts to any of the following media servers:
    • Shoutcast version 1
    • Shoutcast version 2
    • NEW!  Icecast2 (Including Icecast-KH)
    • NEW!  Live365.com
  • Broadcasts in either MP3 or AAC+ format, up to 320k.
    • 22Khz, 44.1Khz & 48Khz Sampling rates supported.
    • 1 output encoder included. Upgrade to up to 6 total output encoders for $5/Mo extra
  • Crossfading between tracks with customizable settings
    • You can set crossfade length & crossfade threshold.
    • Track silence trimming feature (optional) can help eliminate gaps between songs.
  • Easy uploading of your songs and other media...
    • Drag & drop in-browser uploads
    • FTP uploading
    • Import tracks from your DropBox or your Google Drive
    • Generous 20GB storage limit
    • You can purchase additional disk space at any time
  • Create your own playlists...
    • Create as many playlists as you'd like
    • Shuffled & ordered playlists supported
    • Set per-playlist separation rules.
    • Create events to play ordered playlists at a specific date/time
  • Create your own clockwheels...
    • Create as many clockwheels as you'd like
    • Customize the format of your station
    • Clockwheels can optionally start over at the top of each hour
    • Create events to switch between clockwheels at a specific date/time
  • Remote DJ Broadcasting...
    • No need to shut down LiveWebDJ to broadcast live
    • Each DJ gets their own encoder password
    • Automatically record broadcasts
    • Re-broadcast or download saved DJ recordings
  • Scheduled events...
    • Events are scheduled in your local time zone
    • Play an ordered playlist (ie Scheduled Playlist)
      • Optionally flush your queue upon event start
      • Optionally interrupt the currently playing track upon event start
      • One-time and recurring supported
    • Switch active clockwheel
      • Optionally flush your queue upon event start
      • Optionally interrupt the currently playing track upon event start
      • One time and recurring supported
    • Relay from another ShoutCast server
      • One time and recurring supported
    • Blackout DJ Access
      • Disallows a remote DJ broadcast during blackout
      • One time and recurring supported
    • Play Remote MP3
      • Remote MP3 must be available via HTTP or FTP/Anonymous protocols
      • Example: http://your-remote-news-service.com/public-folder/news-hour.mp3
      • One time and recurring supported
  • Live Dashboard...
    • Main station on/off control
    • Displays current status & song info
    • Displays an upcoming song queue
      • Keeps a minimum of 10 songs in the queue
      • Shows track lengths and start times
    • Record voice track announcements and insert into queue
    • Re-arrange, add-to & remove tracks from queue
    • Flush queue with one click
    • Current time clock & next event countdown timer at top of interface
  • Volume Normalization...
    • Adjust the volume higher or lower for media, voice tracks and dj broadcasts separately
  • Separation Rules...
    • Make sure that songs are not repeated too frequently
    • Set artist and song title separation separately
    • Override global separation rules per-playlist
  • Twitter.com Integration...
    • Tweet track titles directly to your Twitter account
  • TuneIn.com Integration...
    • Synchronizes your station's track titles with your TuneIn.com listing
    • Listeners will see current artist album artwork on TuneIn.com player
    • Listeners can discover your station by searching for your artists
    • Listeners can browse your station playlist history on TuneIn mobile and TuneIn.com
  • Help Section...
Service Requirements:
  • A love for Internet radio broadcasting
  • Access to a Shoutcast v1, Shoutcast v2 or Icecast2 streaming servers - or a Live365.com account
  • Need a Shoutcast or Icecast2 server? We can recommend iCastCenter.com, our sister website
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari* web browsers
    * Apple Safari does not support voice tracking at this time.
    These are the only four browsers that fully support the new web standards we are using at this time.
    Please note Adobe Flash Player is only required at this time for voice tracking functionality.
  • Base Account: Only $19.95
  • 1 Output Encoder Included
  • Up to 20GB Storage Space Included
  • Up To 6 Total Output Encoders: $5/Mo
  • Up to 50GB Total Storage: $5/Mo
  • Up to 100GB Total Storage: $10/Mo
  • Up to 200GB Total Storage: $20/Mo
There Are No Other Limits!
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Reseller & Radio Network Account Bundles:
Bundle Pricing:
  • 10 Accounts: $189.53/mo
  • 25 Accounts: $448.88/mo
  • 50 Accounts: $798.00/mo
Upgrade Pricing:
  • Standard upgrade pricing applies
Open a ticket by clicking here for bundle pricing.

Drag and drop interface • Drag and drop song uploads • Smooth DJ takeover • Clockwheels
MP3 & AAC+ Output • Volume Normalization • Scheduled Events • Voice tracking • More!