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LiveWebDJ Video Podcast Series - About Episode One:
In our series premier, we show you how to get started using LiveWebDJ
for the very first time. Your host Terry walks you through getting started
step by step and shares his screen with you so you can follow along.

LiveWebDJ Video Podcast Series - About Episode Two:
In this installment, we show you how to broadcast live shows through
LiveWebDJ by creating DJ Access accounts, which provide you and
each of your station's DJ's the ability to broadcast live shows from
any PC using the popular software called SAM Broadcaster.

LiveWebDJ Video Podcast Series - Episode Three
In this installment, your host Brandon introduces you to the concept
of clockwheels. Clockwheels tell LiveWebDJ what playlists to select
tracks from and in what order. Additionally shown is how to create
events to enable you to switch between clcokwheels to change the
playout structure according to your station's schedule.

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